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Shaping the future of work: youth workplace democracy for social change


2024 - 2024


Erasmus+ (European Commission)


Institute for Economic Democracy (Slovenia)-coordinator, ARNO -partner (N. Macedonia)


Employee stock ownership plan (EU ESOP), employee ownership, social innovation, democratic governance, social enterprises, IT enterprises, workplace democracy, youth, youth participation, youth empowerment, future of work, social economy

The project aims to introduce new governance models for 21st-century enterprises, targeting IT, social green enterprises, and youth organizations to create inclusive and youth-friendly working environments. It will try to enhance the democratic participation of youth in the governance of enterprises in Slovenia and North Macedonia and transfer know-how in the Macedonian social economy on novel social economy models such as the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (EU ESOP). EU ESOP is a model that empowers (youth) employees by giving them a stake in enterprise ownership and decision-making power, leading to more equal, fair, and resilient enterprises. The project also aims to connect Slovenia and North Macedonia and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, tools, and methodologies for strengthening civil society and the social economy sectors in both countries.


  • Analyze democratic governance models in youth IT and social enterprises in Slovenia and North Macedonia.
  • Introduce the EU ESOP as a model for participatory governance, social justice, and sustainability, and provide policy recommendations in North Macedonia and Slovenia.
  • Build capacities of young entrepreneurs, students, and policymakers on governance models and EU ESOP through training and success stories.
  • Raise awareness of democratic governance and youth-inclusive models for social inclusion and economic growth like the EU ESOP
  • Empower youth in decision-making and promote democratic culture and entrepreneurship for solving social issues.

Project highlights: Research and mapping of youth IT and social enterprises; policy recommendations for EU ESOP in N. Macedonia and Slovenia; Study visit in Slovenia; Online capacity-building program for IT and social enterprises and youth; EU ESOP Youth Forum and academic lectures.