“Join in and see where you belong” – International Volunteering Day message to youth from Irina image

“Join in and see where you belong” – International Volunteering Day message to youth from Irina

The International Volunteering Day is celebrated on the 5th of December and in that regard, the association “Youth Can” has held an online event “Say! Believe! Activate!” which was streamed live from the space of “Mladi Hub”. At this event, two spokespersons have shared their stories: Nikola Jovanovski, a member of the management board of “Youth Can” who spoke about his first volunteering experience and the challenges he and his team have faced and overcame, and the president of ARNO- Irina Janevska who spoke about the sustainability of the volunteering activities and possibilities.

Irina spoke about the strong bond between social entrepreneurship and the sustainability of the volunteering initiatives. Irina said: “What is important when we talk about sustainability is to know that we do not have unlimited resources and that the newest concepts, the ones that should provoke the youth, do not talk about growth, but “de-growth”… with this topic the civic sector is offered a new opportunity, something that can be recognized by young people…”. In her speech, she says that civic organizations can find opportunities for sustainability in selling services and goods to finance their missions and improve their skills. As an example, Irina recalls the beginnings of ARNO when together with Youth Can the project “Youth Kitchen” was implemented. The project offered sales of cooking classes and the profit gained was used to finance the students to buy equipment, improve their skills, create CV’s and so on, with the goal to ease their transition to the labor market. Among the successful examples, she mentions Funky Guerilla and War Childhood Museum from Bosna that work on the basis of this philosophy. 

On the online event, the participants that have already ordered something from the creative products had the chance to directly participate and to observe the personalization process of their chosen product. 

You can see the whole stream on the following link.
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