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Students Today – Responsible Entrepreneurs Tomorrow (S.T.R.E.T)


2017 - 2019


E+ (European Commission)


ARNO (Coordinator), High School “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin” - Skopje, N.Macedonia, "Prva Susacka Gimnazija"-Rijeka, Croatia, High school “Lizdeikos" -Radviliskis, Lithuania and the NGO “Out of the Box”-Belgium


education, philanthropy, CSR, Social Entrepreneurship, youth

College-aged individuals are open and enthusiastic about making a change in their society and serving good to all citizens. Global awareness and interaction have broadened their perspectives on the role of doing good. They are eager to be involved, wanting to make an impact. That’s why it’s crucial that these young adults, which are encouraged to be future leaders in the private sector, learn about the Corporate Social Responsibility concept/Social Enterprise Model and envision themselves as Responsible Entrepreneurs.

The STRET project focuses on delivering tailored programs for the promotion of Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility to high school students that are enrolled in the school subject “Entrepreneurship” in the three respective countries: North Macedonia, Croatia and Lithuania.

The project modules are designed in a lead of the recognized NGOs from North Macedonia and Belgium that offer full expertise in the design of modules and programs, aiming to improve the theoretical knowledge and skills of the students for becoming future “Responsible Entrepreneurs”.

Students and teachers are involved fully in all project stages and use creative tools to share the message of the project (Online Campaigns, Photo Competition, Gala Fundraising Events). Private sector companies are also mobilized to share stories and provide the students with on-site learning and exposure to real business environments.

Highlights: The Gala Event, held at the end of the project, featured a silent auction of selected students’ photos coming from the cities of Skopje, Rijeka and Radvisliskis, under the campaign “Kindness is All Around Us, We Just Need to Recognize It”. The students had a task to decide if they were going to donate or reinvest the money gathered with the auction. This is so that they incorporate the principles of strategic donations and sustainability, which they learned throughout the project.

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