Slow Food Cooking classes – Social Entrepreneurship on the menu image

Slow Food Cooking classes – Social Entrepreneurship on the menu

Inspired by the slogan It’s Cool to Be Coolinar (culinary), ARNO together with the organisation for food protection, promotion and education Slow Food Vodno, as well as our longterm partner the Secoundary Public School for Tourism and Catering Lazar Tanev, launched the initiative Slow Food Cooking Classes – Social Entrepreneurship on the menu.

The initiative is profit-oriented as innovative concept of social entrepreneurship and promotes quality vocational education, local slow food and local slow food producers. The project aims to strengthen the self-funding capacities of the organisation by raising the awareness about social entrepreneurship among the general public as well as of the private sector. Furthermore, this activity has the objective to diversify the non-formal approaches and practicies for improving the local economy.

The initiative consists of five cooking classes organised between December and March 2018, each with a different slow food theme, appropriate for the period when the class is held, as following:

“Social Entrepreneurship is a different business model, it generates profit used for a social mission.

Since the beginning in 2013, ARNO is committed to the promotion of this business model, by proving that there is a recipe that works on the market while helping young people as well. “

It is because of less funding opportunities that there is a need for self-sustainability of the organisation.

Generating income from economic activities is challenging due to the unfavorable business climate in North Macedonia.

Therefore, the support for these initiatives, which are innovative and oriented towards the market while at the same time have social and political impact, is particularly important.

The lack of capacity for smaller organizations to apply for more EU funding is inhibiting.

In addition, there are less and less organizations that do not change their strategic goals according to the funding calls’ needs.

That is why this partnership is based on strong and clear values shared by the organizations.“

“By selling the cooking classes, offering team-building activities for companies, and organizing gastronomy tourist tours we invest in vocational education and we directly influence youth unemployment. “

The project is funded through the re-granting program of the project Changes for Sustainability financed by the European Union and implemented by Konekt in cooperation with the foundation Apollonia, and the Center for Fiscal Policy.

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