STRET TT 2 – Teacher Toolkit 2 image

STRET TT 2 – Teacher Toolkit 2


2022 - 2025


E+ (European Commission)


Radviliskio Lizdeikos Gimnazija (coordinator) - Lithuania, ARNO - N. Macedonia, High School “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin”- N.Macedonia, Istituto Istruzione Superiore Statale "Marini-Gioia" - Italy, Asociatia Scoala De Valori - Romania


education, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, CSR, youth, teachers, schools, key competencies, skills, teaching methods, reflective learning, digital tools, digital learning, digital classroom

STRET TT 2 is the second edition of the project “Students Today Responsible Entrepreneurs Tomorrow –  Teacher Toolkit”  aimed to enhance and assess the teachers` key competencies by the creation of competencies framework guidelines and help their further development and improve the schools’ entrepreneurship education programs and practices. The project also embraces digital tools and digital learning of teachers and students with the usage of SELFIE and Dig.Comp.Edu,  and other interactive digital tools and platforms (such as slack, g-drive, padlet, canva, we video, voice thread, mentimeter, answer garden, blogger, etc.) in reflective assessment and self-assessment of students. STRET TT 2, will also increase teachers` key competencies by creating innovative curricula for entrepreneurship education based on the concepts of Social Entrepreneurship (SE), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Philanthropy, thus increasing their capacities in teaching about managing small-scale business ideas, students’ companies, delivering social impact, and promoting the values of social economy and philanthropy. 


  1. Create a consortium of schools and NGOs from the EU and WB that will pioneer new educational curricula for SE entrepreneurship, CSR and Philanthropy and facilitate cross-curricula and cross-sectoral transfer of know-how, skills and experience among teaching staff, educators and schools
  2. Create an innovative competence framework guideline for teachers to assess and validate key competencies, and improve the educational program in the involved schools
  3. Equip the teaching staff with new digital skills and digital tools for reflective learning of students, raise awareness and encourage usage of the EU`s platforms for educators SELFIE and Dig.Comp.Edu, and other youth-friendly digital tools, and share the outcomes through the SEG and eTwinning platform
  4. Create and implement SE, CSR, and Philanthropy in the high school curricula and equip students with attractive knowledge, life skills, empathy, and solidarity values, and promote these impact-oriented educational concepts as an instrument for the creation of more inclusive and just societies amid Covid-19 crisis and other global challenges.

Highlights of the project: Entrepreneurship curricula with embodied social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy concepts; Competencies Framework Guidelines for Teachers of entrepreneurship; Digital Tools Guide for Teachers for Reflective Learning of Students; Job shadowing; Teacher-to-Teacher Trainings; Exploitation of the EU`s platform for educators and dissemination: SELFIE and Dig.Comp.Edu, School Education Gateway (SEG), and eTwinning.