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STRET Teacher Toolkit


2018 - 2021


E+ (European commission)


ARNO (Coordinator), High School “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin” - Skopje, N.Macedonia, "Prva Susacka Gimnazija"-Rijeka, Croatia, High school “Lizdeikos" -Radviliskis, Lithuania and the NGO “Out of the Box” -Belgium


education, philanthropy, CSR, Social Entrepreneurship, youth, teachers

STRET Teacher Toolkit

The STRET Teacher Toolkit Project is built on the premise and experience on an already formed partnership from 4 counties: Lithuania, Croatia, North Macedonia and Belgium.

The “STRET Teacher Toolkit” goes beyond teaching Entrepreneurship by adding new concepts to the school curriculum: Philanthropy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Entrepreneurship.

The project activities under STRET TT contribute towards an improved  ecosystem for promotion of CSR and social entrepreneurship in and outside of school, increase knowledge material on the topic for teachers, increase capacity of the teachers in teaching about running  virtual, small-scale business ideas, provide visibility of EU efforts to promote Effective Entrepreneurship Education Policy, lobbying at national and international level, as well as increase awareness and public attention to the need of educating  new generations of Responsible Entrepreneurs. Moreover, STRET TT Project will result not only with educational and lobbying activities, but with the creation of professional teachers and expert communities that can further advocate for the integration of the STRET concept.

Highlights: The Project Outputs are: 1) A Comparative Analysis which will provide overview of the situation of Entrepreneurship Education and embed CSR and SE Modules; 2) A Teachers Toolkit on Teaching Entrepreneurship with embedded CSR and SE Modules; 3) A training for teachers; 4) Policy recommendations on the topic and mobilization of stakeholders.

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