SEEDS of Inclusiveness – Social Enterprises for Economic Development and Social Inclusion image

SEEDS of Inclusiveness – Social Enterprises for Economic Development and Social Inclusion


2021 - 2023


European Union


ARNO (National Coordinator), Trag Foundation, Serbia (Regional Coordinator), Partner: Udruzenje Optimist, Serbia


social entrepreneurship, green entrepreneurship, green economy, social economy, social academy, regional project, inclusive society, disadvantaged citizens, social inclusion, economic development, social enterprises

(Cross-border Programme Serbia –North Macedonia, 2016-2020 under the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance IPA II)

Social entrepreneurs are the bearers of sustainable, just and inclusive development. They directly contribute to social and cultural inclusion by working with disadvantaged groups, and by bringing communities together, which increases social cohesion and solidarity.

The overall objective of the project is to develop more inclusive society through strengthening social enterprises and fostering their cross-border cooperation.

The project promotes social entrepreneurship and encourages cross-sectoral and cross-border networks between social enterprises, local businesses and authorities through its main activities:   Academy of social economy (which will help them to develop their business model and increase their green impact), mentorship for the selected social enterprises, an online networking forum (to еncourage their mutual communication), two conferences (in Serbia and N.Macedonia).

Highlights: Academy of Social Economy – Up to 4 established social entrepreneurships and up to 8 new social entrepreneurial initiatives from the cross-border region will be invited to participate in the Academy. The Academy will have a competitive character and will support them to  develop their business model and increase their “green” impact.