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2020 - 2022


E+ (European Commission)


ARNO (Coordinator), High School “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin” from Skopje, N.Macedonia, "Prva Susacka Gimnazija" from Rijeka, Croatia, High school “Lizdeikos" from Radviliskis, Lithuania and the NGO “GoGreen” from Belgium


education, philanthropy, CSR, Social Entrepreneurship, youth

In response to the effects of the economic crisis, curtailed public budgets and the magnitude of future challenges, Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emerged as a key policy priority in the EU. Yet business and economic education and training does not adequately reflect this trend. New generations must be taught new business models reflecting Social Entrepreneurship and give back to the community through corporate, social responsibility and philanthropy.

The context of the project is the success story of the built partnership with the schools and the know-how that will be provided by the two NGOs, ARNO and GoGreen from Belgium.

The main goal of the SEED project is to bring entrepreneurship education even closer to the students through teaching the new business model of Social Entrepreneurship as part of the school subject “Entrepreneurship”, which is taught in the 3 schools (Croatia, Lithuania, North Macedonia), and exposing students to business communities. The SEED project is designed to enable students to become future Social Entrepreneurs. It is also designed for society to recognize the importance and role of communities (even the small ones can do a lot), as well as new, sustainable approaches in business and education. Through the SEED project, young people will be learning essential skills for running a business while also learning about philanthropy, creativity, leadership and teamwork. This will also include a focus on community outreach and reconnecting with their alumni students from their school.

Highlights: The promotional materials feature plantable cards with seeds made by a local, (Macedonian) green business run by a young designer.