INN@SEE- Innovative Social Entrepreneurship with Youth Engagement image

INN@SEE- Innovative Social Entrepreneurship with Youth Engagement


2019 - 2021


E+ (European Commission)


Pedagogical University of Krakow – Poland (Coordinator), Desert Bloom - Jordan, ARTER - Attractiveness Research Territory - Italy


social entrepreneurship, social economy, networking, open innovation, youth, hackathons

The project ( Social Entrepreneurship Education among young people through the innovative approach based on the results of scientific research and cross-sectoral cooperation. Social Entrepreneurship is the core of the project, and at the same time, a medium to reach other transversal goals. The project objectives are derived directly from 3 target needs areas: skills & capacity building, orienteering & networking, and awareness raising. Below are the project objectives:

  • To disseminate entrepreneurial mindsets and skills among young people at a broader EU level
  • To provide aspiring, young Social Entrepreneurs with a clear toolkit for a startup
  • To facilitate access of young people and youth staff to information regarding grant, training and mentoring opportunities and tools at local and international levels
  • To promote networking among young SEs
  • To promote an EU culture of Social Entrepreneurship among society, rehabilitating entrepreneurship through Social Entrepreneurship, with a special attention to the contribution represented “by” and “to” young people
  • To raise awareness among young people as active citizens regarding social, environmental and diversity challenges of EU communities, learning how Social Entrepreneurship can face them
  • To promote the visibility among key stakeholders of social businesses and the importance of social innovation and social impact

Highlights: The project proposes a framework about the “Open Social Innovation” and demonstrates how it can be implemented through examples, guidance and events. The main principle of Open Innovation is that a single organization does not innovate in isolation, but instead through engagement with different types of partners, acquiring ideas and resources from the external environment.

Production of a Toolkit: The aim of this Intellectual Output lead by ARNO, is to inspire young people’s innovative social entrepreneurial mindset and help them to ideate. This IO will serve to showcase flexible toolkit and training program using a cross-sectoral approach; eclectic collection of existent tools merged under different topics and modes (the offline/online choice). At this link you can find the English version of the Toolkit  (since it is a large file we use external Google Drive link).