Gastronomic Map of the Western Balkans image

Gastronomic Map of the Western Balkans


2019 - 2020


Western Balkans Fund


“Generator” – Vranje, Serbia (Coordinator) and partners: “ARNO” – Skopje, N.Macedonia, “KFIC” – Gjilanje, Kosovo and “Bona Fide” – Pljevlja, Montenegro


youth, reconciliation, food, cooking, Western Balkans

The “Gastronomic Map of the Western Balkans” is a project aimed at mapping out the regions where there is a traditional preparation of Balkan dishes. In addition to cooking workshops and public tastings throughout the region, this project will result in the publication of a cookbook, 8 cooking videos and 5 postcards with maps of 4 specific dishes: ajvar, goulash, strudel and pie. This project presents atypical categories of local population in preserving local gastronomic traditions, such as future Balkan fusion chefs, female professionals and high-educated women, victims of domestic violence, rock and roll fans, as well as typical keepers of tradition (women which are active in minority women associations).

Highlights: As part of this project, the “Degustation of Traditional Food” event was organized in Skopje (October 2019). At the event, the skilled, young chefs from the program “Coolinary” (students from the VET School “Lazar Tanev”) prepared traditional dishes from the Balkan region, which were later served in an open event for everyone to taste.

Project Videos