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RISE Journey 2 has started!

RISE Journey 2 has started! We started this journey with the first hybrid event where we introduced all the teams and got ready for the next months of the ideation phase. On November 3rd and 18th, 2021, we held the first training. ARNO through the tools of non-formal education prepared the participants for the next steps of the journey.

We are happy that in October (for the first time this year) we organized the first hybrid meeting where we had the opportunity to meet all the selected teams and our RISErs. We talked about the next steps and what to expect from the entire RISE program. Very soon we organized our first training where the teams learned more about social entrepreneurship and what business models can be developed. After the training, the participants received homework and directions on how to develop their idea with the help of a canvas business model and how to fill in diagnostic tools for each start-up.

The participants also had something to say about this new beginning and their expectations:

“I like the positive atmosphere that surrounds the teams, the lecturers in a nice and motivating way through the training encouraged us to further develop our ideas …… What I expect is increased knowledge in the field of business, marketing, positivity, creativity, and teamwork that will bring us positive results. “Anastasia Petrova from Euroart

“After the first month, there was even greater optimism in our team due to the affirmation of our idea and the dose of security and the desire to help that radiates from the ARNO team. The development of the idea itself so far is great and is in full swing! “Simona from Ambrosia

“The practical examples and success stories that you share with us are very useful because you connect theory with practice and in that way, you direct us to create / further elaborate our ideas accordingly.” I expect that during the mentoring meetings we will strengthen our skills, learn how to properly create a business plan, and start thinking about how to reinvest the profit … I expect you to keep the beautiful energy and enthusiasm so that we can intellectually upgrade together. 🙂 “Milena Ristova-Mihajlovska from Euroart

Soon the teams will get their mentors and together with them, they will start working on the development of their ideas. We are very grateful to all the active stakeholders in this small ecosystem of ours who volunteered to help create the next social enterprises in our country. Congratulations to all of them! We can’t wait to share the results next year 🙂 All events and training are conducted within the project RISE (Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs) which will enable 200 young people from the Western Balkans to develop ideas for social entrepreneurship and help solve the problems of the local community. Young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop their business ideas through workshops, mobility programs, and financial support while helping local communities solve problems.

You can find out more about RISE Journey at the following link, and don’t forget to follow us on our social networks.

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