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Public Tasting of Traditional Regional Dishes

On 21.09.2019 in Public Room, Skopje, ARNO organised a Public Tasting of Traditional Regional Dishes.

The event was organized in co-operation with Generator from Vranje, as part of preparing the cookbook of the Western Balkan countries.

At the event, the skilled young chefs from the project Coolinary (chef students from Lazar Tanev), prepared the traditional dishes which were later served for public tasting.

There were approximately 60 participants who tasted the following menu: ajvar, selsko meso, galichko meze, turlitava, macedonian salad, sechenica as well as other traditional food.

In addition to the presentation, and the tasting of traditional food, the students had the opportunity to learn more about the goals and objectives of the project and to socialize with the guests.

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