Promising meeting – RISE participants and experts image

Promising meeting – RISE participants and experts

Just a few days before the start of the new year RISE Journey has brought three experts to the future young entrepreneurs. The meeting was held online, and the participants were presented with inspiring experiences and advices.

Our guests were Bojan Kordalov – senior communications expert, Olga Rajchikj – co-founder of Challenger, and Elena Doneva, co-founder of Kontura. Dedicating their time and knowledge, and listening to the ideas of our participants they have shown that we have real philanthropists in our country. They have shared with them targeted feedback and a will to help in the future development of the ideas. This meeting gave the participants the opportunity to share their ideas with someone outside of our organization for the first time. With that, they have made us proud that we have selected each and every one of them and their unique ideas.

Until next time with more GOOD news!

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