NATI00NS Event: Healthy soil + green businesses = investments in our future image

NATI00NS Event: Healthy soil + green businesses = investments in our future

On the 15th of May starting from 09:30, the event “Healthy soil + green businesses = investments in our future” will be organized at Europe House in Skopje. The event puts Skopje on the European map of cities that have joined the NATI00NS project. ARNO, in cooperation with the Agricultural Institute-Skopje, has prepared an interesting program and invites all those interested to register to participate in the event no later than May 11th (first-come-first-served basis selection criteria). Due to the potential high interest for attendance at the event, we will be streaming the event online, and registration is required for online attendance as well.

NATI00NS is a European project funded under the HORIZON program, coordinated by Aarhus University from Denmark. The main goal of NATI00NS is to prepare regional and national stakeholders from Europe to apply and implement Living Labs, contributing to the EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”.

Through the 9-year implementation of the “Green Ideas” competition, ARNO has become a stakeholder recognized for the promotion of a green social economy. Throughout the years, Macedonian citizens have applied green business ideas for sustainable agricultural practices and food production, which largely rely on healthy soils, and utilization of other types of land.

The partnership between ARNO and the Agricultural Institute-Skopje is based on joint commitments to promote sustainable green businesses, commitments to the importance of healthy soils, and commitments to educate citizens, especially young people. The Agricultural Institute-Skopje is a leading research institution (one of the oldest agricultural research organizations in our country) with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in soil health and sustainable agricultural practices. The partnership with the Agricultural Institute is important for the message of the event, which is building ecosystems from the bottom up.

Who is the event for?

The event is for founders of green social business ideas, researchers, farmers, representatives of professional associations, local communities, students, citizens, civil society organizations, government representatives, and other interested parties.

What is the content of the event?

In the first part of the event, there are planned welcoming speeches emphasizing the European dimension of this issue by Mr. Dimkovski – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mrs. Gјoshevа Kovacevic – Agricultural Institute – Skopje, and Mrs. Janevska – Association for social innovations “ARNO”. Furthermore, guest-experts from BioSense (Serbia), through structured presentations, will provide explanations of the project and guidance on the concept and criteria for “living laboratories and lighthouses”. In addition, the event will be enriched with a panel discussion in which eminent professors, holders of green business ideas, and experts on sustainable businesses will participate and discuss the problems and potential of the Macedonian soil.

At the end of the event, there will be a cocktail gathering to provide an opportunity for informal networking between the stakeholders and the participants.

The event will be held in Macedonain and Serbian Language


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