(Job ad) VAJS Group is looking for an expert image

(Job ad) VAJS Group is looking for an expert

You certainly remember the Macedonian green business idea that won the regional Green Ideas competition in 2021, the circular business that produces multifunctional additive from waste (grape pomace). Namely, VAJS group is looking for an expert to help them in their work, and they asked us to share the following job advertisement, which we are coping here in its entirety:

Job advertisement for expert for developing strategy for education and raising awareness among wine producers about the benefits from recycling and using circular models in their production process

The Company for Production, Services and Trade WISE GROUP LCSP Skopje, is implementing the project ,,Transforming the conventional supply chains of wineries into circular ones’’, granted by CeProSARD through the project ,, Leave no one behind’’ co-financed by European union. The purpose of the project is to reduce waste generated by wine and rakija producers by recycling it and turning it into new food product
using a circular model. Project implementation period is October 2022 – August 2023.
Specific goals of the project are:
 Increase storage space for grape pomace, in order to increase recycling capacity of grape pomace waste
 Education and raising awareness of local wineries and individual wine producers about the benefits of grape pomace waste recycling
 Development of marketing strategy, analysis of end consumers and packaging design for the product produced from grape pomace recycling

Through this call, the company invites applications for employment in one job position, through service contract:

Job description:
 Mapping wineries, including wineries that produce wine from organic grapes
 Determine the concept and methodological framework for conducting the research: conduct data and conduct interviews with relevant affected parties
 Preparation of questionnaires and development of strategy for distribution of questionnaires to affected parties
 Communication with other relevant parties about ways to raise awareness among wineries about the benefits of grape pomace recycling
 Sorting quantitative and qualitative data using MS Word and Excel
 Development of a strategy (document) according collected data from conducted primary and secondary research with included recommendations

The employment will be carried out through service contract within the project, for 15 working days, 10 of
which in the period of December 2022 and 5 in January 2023.
 Home / Office of WICE Group LCSP Skopje for reviewing documentation
 Office of WICE Group LCSP Skopje for coordination and selection of applicants
Qualifications and experience:
 Completed minimum undergraduate studies in the field of social sciences;
 At least five years of work experience in carrying out similar activities (preparation of analyses)
 Advanced organizational and communication skills
 Computer skills, with knowledge of MS Excel and knowledge of MS Word
 Sorting quantitative and qualitative data
 Proactivity

We invite candidates to submit a complete CV in Macedonian language by 20.12.2022 (Monday) to thewicegroup@gmail.com with title Application for Expert for the project “Transforming conventional supply chains of wineries into circular ones”. Candidates will be notified of the result of selection by
27.12.2022. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview at the company’s premises. All applications will be considered confidential, in accordance with the requirements for the protection of personal data. For any additional information related to this call you can contact us at: thewicegroup@gmail.com

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