Irina Attends NGO Academy’s 10th-Anniversary Celebration in Vienna image

Irina Attends NGO Academy’s 10th-Anniversary Celebration in Vienna

Irina, Co-founder and President of ARNO, recently graced a momentous occasion in Vienna—a celebration that marked the remarkable 10th anniversary of NGO Academy. This event stands as a significant milestone in the decade-long journey of social impact across Central and Southeastern Europe. The atmosphere in Vienna was vibrant as Irina joined a diverse assembly of guests. Among them were prominent figures in the NGO sector, professors, donors, mentors, and fellow changemakers. This celebratory gathering paid tribute to ten years of unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts in fostering positive change.

The event kicked off with the thought-provoking TEDxDonauinsel Salon Impact, setting the stage for an inspiring day. Engaging talks and captivating performances offered a glimpse into the profound stories emerging from the region. The day’s program was packed with inspiration, including the intriguing TEDx sessions and an interlude that transitioned to a heartfelt reception celebrating NGO Academy’s 10th anniversary. Official opening remarks were delivered by notable figures, Boris Marte from ERSTE Foundation and Michael Meyer from WU Vienna. The event featured the live music act, EsRAP, and DJ Pyromana later in the evening, contributing to a memorable and festive atmosphere for all attendees.

But the day held even more in store. In parallel with the celebrations, an insightful interview featuring Irina and Tamara, both representing NGO Academy’s 10th generation, was published. They shared their unique journey, experiences, and the remarkable story of a board game that traversed a 1560-kilometer route from Rijeka via Vienna to Skopje. You can tune in to the interview here to hear their compelling narrative firsthand.

Irina, reflecting on her experience and the interview, shared her perspective, stating, “Being part of the NGO Academy community is more than a mere affiliation; it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and forge new alliances. It’s a platform where the outstanding work of civil society organizations in Central and Eastern Europe receives the recognition it truly deserves. During the interview, you’ll easily notice my beaming smile. The program and the wonderful people I’ve encountered never cease to bring joy to my face.”

ARNO takes immense pride in Irina’s representation at this distinguished event. Her presence symbolizes ARNO’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth, embracing opportunities, and celebrating the achievements of the extended NGO Academy family.

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