Green Ideas 2021 winners announced image

Green Ideas 2021 winners announced

On June 16, “ARNO” announced the winners of the competition “Green Ideas” 2021, which was, again held in online format. The jury of the competition selected the ideas: “First Toy Library” by Gorjana Bonevska, “O-krug: Production of essential oils and air refresheners from orange peels” by Marija Burgieva who will compete for support of $ 5000, and the idea ” Mini Irina Tosheva ”by the fashion designer Irina Tosheva who will compete for $ 10,000 support at the regional competition.

For the national winners “ARNO” again this year secured support from the partners: vouchers for consulting services from the Association for Management and Consulting “MKA2000” and free registration at the Connect2MK platform managed by “Macedonia 2025 “. The winner in the category of green ideas is provided with tailored mentoring support from the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development, free two-year membership in the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, a package of mentoring services from “Macedonia 2025” or participation in their CESO SACO program. This year, again, ARNO is awarding cash prizes to the winners: $ 2,000 for the first category winner and $ 1,500 vouchers for the green concept winners.

This year, 33 applications arrived at the competition, of which a total of 13 competed in the Macedonian final. The jury that evaluated the received applications was composed of experts from various fields and institutions: Driljon Iseni from the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Igor Izotov – United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Robertina Brajanoska from the Macedonian Ecological Society (MED), Gabriela Micevska – expert on sustainable agribusiness (IME-Palladium program), Dancho Dimkov from the Association for Management and Consulting MKA2000, Branislav Markovski from the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development (FITR), Mihail Mateski from Macedonia 2025.

“The road to a green economy is not accompanied by plastic green balloons. The road to a green economy is not a green light for everything that sparkles green. The road to a green economy is not easy, just as the transition is not easy. And we know all of it, and we know how difficult it is to apply with a business model that reflects values, a business that focuses on communities and nature, and a business that needs to survive in a cruel world that has been taught to exploit resources without asking if they will ever be gone. And that is why we are very grateful that this year (it was a strange, horrible year)  we have people who think about business models that are green, social, small, but are ours, local and can be an example and inspiration for everyone”- said Irina Janevska from ARNO.

“O-Krug is an organization for promotion of sustainable development and social business models. In order to achieve independent sustainability and confirm the concept, we are developing a circular business model that envisages bio-waste processing. Specifically orange peels, from which a line of eco-products such as natural essential oils and air fresheners will be produced. We are young people and we are happy for the victory. We hope that we will create jobs especially for the youth from the marginalized categories “- Marija Burgieva, winner in the category of green concepts.

“With the team we are developing the green business idea for ‘Djagor’ – the first toy library. We want to offer a circular alternative with the possibility of renting quality toys, devices and aids, available for those with a minimum income. We will be located in Skopje, and we will work on the principle: reduce, reuse, recycle. People will have access to our services and offers, aside from families various child care centers, residences, hostels etc. will have access too. Significant focus will be dedicated to children with various abilities who will be able to find the most appropriate games for their needs “-  Gorjana Bonevska, winner in the category of green concepts.

“I am honored to be among this year’s winners with the idea for a sub-label of my brand” Mini Irina Tosheva”. I am also grateful for the support of the jury and I look forwardto the preparation activities for the regional competition in Serbia, I am certain that the preparations  will undoubtedly help my business. I hope that this competition acts like an encouragement to the public to think more ‘green’, because even the smallest changes in daily habits are big step for our society.” – Irina Tosheva, winner in the category of green ideas

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