Gastronomic Map of Western Balkans-we serve you another project image

Gastronomic Map of Western Balkans-we serve you another project

Gastronomic Map of Western Balkans is a project that aims to map regions where people use traditional cooking techniques for  Balkan dishes.

The project is initiated and implemented by the civil organization Generator from Vranje, in collaboration with KCIC from Gjilan, ARNO from Skopje and Bona Fide from Piljevla, supported by the Western Balkans Fund.

This project also supports both usual and unusual groups of people who preserve the local gastronomic traditions, such as young chefs – future Balkan fusion chefs (students from the Secondary Public School for Tourism and Catering Lazar Tanev, also part of the Coolinary project), women entrepreneurs and highly-educated women, victims of domestic violence, rockenroll fans, as well as active women in womens’ minority organisations.

During the events in Skopje, young chefs, participants in our project Coolinary, prepared several traditional regional recipies.

In addtion to the cooking workshops and the public food tasting, the project will produce a cookbook, 8 cooking videos and 5 postcards with maps of 5 traditional dishes: ajvar, gulash, shtrudla, pita etc.

With this project, we want to strengthen regional co-operation and regular communication as positive and constructive solutions to various regional conflicts.

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