Fundraising Matinée with Antonija Lokvenec and Konekt image

Fundraising Matinée with Antonija Lokvenec and Konekt

Young influencer and philanthropist Antonija Lokvenec organised a Fund-raising Matinée as part of the initiative #donirajpametno (#donatesmartly), in collaboration with Konekt and Markt Kitchen. As part of her philanthropist engagement, Antonija chose to organise a donation initiative for the project Coolinari. 

For this occasion, Markt Kitchen prepared a special menu offered from 19.10 to 19.11.2019. The profit from the ARNO Cookie and ARNO Smoothie was donated for the project Coolinari that supports chef students from Lazar Tanev with fewer possibilities.

The donation helped us to purchase the equipment the young chefs need for their future education.

Selling the tickets for the cooking classes is ARNO’s economic activity (a social enterprise in future 🙂 )

Part of the profit from the cooking classes, together with the donation from the Fund-raising Matinée, and the profit from the ARNO Cookies and ARNO Smoothies in Markt, was used for the purchase of uniforms for the students who were part of the project.

All of the participants received a custom-made uniform, additionally embroided with their name.

The participants were very pleased and promised to proudly wear the uniforms, to invest and believe in their career.

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