First online meeting and training – RISE Journey, launched! image

First online meeting and training – RISE Journey, launched!

RISE Journey, launched! On 6th and 12th of November 2020 we held the first events: online meeting, and training on “Understanding Social Entrepreneurship”. Through non-formal education tools ARNO equipped the participants for the next steps of the journey and introduced them to the concept of Social Entrepreneurship.

On the first meeting teams have heard more about the inspirational story of the eco-illusionist Kristian Shopov, they introduced themselves with the other teams and got familiar with the next steps. The training has introduced the teams with the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and all the Business models available for development. After the presentation of the theoretical part and the tools, the participants got their homework and directions on how to develop a Three of problems, Business Model Canvas and how to fill up the Diagnostic tools for each StartUp.

And, here is what our participants’ say about the take off and their expectations:

“For us RISE means an unbelievable experience and a great opportunity to work on Social Entrepreneurship ideas that will have a positive benefit in our surroundings. When we saw the call, we knew it was the right one for the development of our idea. After the first workshop we’ve learnt a lot about the core of the Social Entrepreneurship, as well as the cause that ARNO as an organization follows. The part where everything starts with a brainstorming about оur ideas with the main business tools used in the planning of any type of business is particularly interesting. We will be able to use this knowledge in the development of any kind of idea in the future.

The RISE program gives us the opportunity to develop our idea with mentor support by a person that is equipped with the needed skills in our field of work. We can’t wait to meet our mentor and to see in which direction our idea about opening a Zero Waste shop in Skopje will grow.

Besides, we are very happy to meet 7 more teams that have wonderful ideas that inspire us during each session. I believe that all of us see this program more as an opportunity to network and a space to develop outstanding ideas than merely a competition. I like that we can also see how we can develop cooperation and I hope that through the whole experience, besides true friendships, common Social Businesses will arise that will drive positive changes and will inspire a greater number of people to join the positive cause.” Marija Arsoska from Skopje goes Zero Waste

 “RISE Journey surprised me because it was open for participants up to 35 years old, because usually the similar calls include only younger participants. I have always wanted to start a steady business on my own, but the previous attempts were unsuccessful, without having enough knowledge and support. That is exactly what I hope and feel that I will get through the mentoring of ARNO in the development of our business idea, because I am familiar with the work and the success of ARNO to help develop successful businesses from scratch. Already on the first training I have gained new knowledge on the design thinking concepts for planning and implementation of our business idea development. We got ready with the necessary information for the first stage of planning and eagerly waiting for the individual mentor meet ups with ARNO’s team for closer inspection and direction of our idea.” Biljana from Law of Love

 “Great start, BRAVO ARNO! Great appreciation of the initiative to gather potential young entrepreneurs with various ideas. I expect that on this journey with the help of ARNO and the mentors we will manage to develop solutions and to implement our idea in the society. With this altogether we will aim to contribute to solving a common problem of our country as well as in the neighboring countries on the Balkan.” Bobi from Law of Love

The RISE (Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs) project supports over 200 young entrepreneurs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia to develop their social business ideas. Through a series of workshops, mobility programs and financial support, young people will have a chance to learn, grow, develop their businesses and at the same time help solve problems within their local communities.

You can find more info about the RISE Journey on the following link, and  make sure to follow us on our Social Media Networks.

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