Evaluation Meeting – “See the SEED growing” image

Evaluation Meeting – “See the SEED growing”

On the 25th and 26th of August, the final meeting for the project “SEED -Social Entrepreneurship Education Development” was held at the high school “First Sushak Croatian Gymnasium” – in Rijeka, Croatia. In the meeting 13 participants from all partners in the project took part. At this meeting, ARNO (coordinator) and the partners (high school “Rade Jovcevski Korchagin” – N.Macedonia, “First Sushak Croatian Gymnasium” – Croatia, Radvilishkis Lizdeika Gymnasium- Lithuania and the association “Go Green” – Belgium) presented the implemented activities, greatest successes, biggest challenges and lessons learned.

During the discussions, the partners shared the positive changes and knowledge that this project brought to the students and professors who were part of it:

“As part of our alumni club activities we visited pizzeria Maslina na Zelenom trgu. It is a very popular place thanks to great food and atmosphere. The owner is our alumni Goran Džida whose son is in senior class of Prva sušačka hrvatska gimnazija.When we came, Ana and Goran explained how a part of the price paid for some food on their menu goes to the NGO Moje mjesto pod suncem who provide diferent services and activities for poor children.It was absolutely important for our students to see how personally involved Ana and Goran Džida are in running this program, how much they care about their controbution to the society .They spoke so passionately and engaged us all in their emotional approach. It was crucial for our students tp see that a true social entrepreneur is moved into action by compassion and caring. In other words – love for all people – philantrophy.”– said Sanja Padavic profesor at “First Sushak Croatian Gymnasium”.

“The project was a unique experience by many means. The students who were part of the training had the chance to learn about social entrepreneurship by many skillful and inspiring speakers, but also had the privilege to put their knowledge and new skills to practice all through the training as well as the school activities. And this learning process does not end with the closure of the training but they are already taking part in events and competitions where they are using their skills and winning awards and praise by members of the entrepreneurship world. Additionally we already have the first SEED success story by our student Milijana, who was part of the training was inspired and encouraged by the knowledge gained during the training to write her motivational letter that won her a scholarship at a prestigious high school in Singapore where she will now continue her studies, but also the social entrepreneurship spirit within a new culture.Korchagin as a team hopes that this trend of positive outcomes and growth only continues with the activities that the students embark on next.”- said Marina Peshovska profesor at “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin”.

As part of this visit, the ARNO team also visited Riperaj. Riperaj is a place where citizens can repair defective small household appliances, broken and damaged furniture, clothes, toys, etc. for free with the help of craftsmen who possess the necessary knowledge and skills. Riperaj is the first such project in the Republic of Croatia. Our team had the opportunity to visit this place 3 years ago through another project and were pleasantly surprised when they had the opportunity to visit again and make sure that the same place was working at full steam.

“This kind of study visits from Erasmus projects really offer many opportunities and benefits to see and learn many things. Riperaj made a special impression on me because for the first time I had the opportunity to see a place like this where people can repair their appliances, refill their hygiene products without packaging. In the same place, there are craftsmen who are here to help you if you need help. I hope that this type of project/initiative will be available in other cities, including our country.” said Simona Slavkova, project assistant at ARNO.

The main goal of the SEED project was to bring entrepreneurship education even closer to students by offering knowledge and skills about the new business model of social enterprises as part of the school subject “Entrepreneurship”, which is taught in the 3 schools. Within the framework of the project, the students were part of several trainings, events and had the chance between all the activities and at the local level to learn about the practical aspects of social entrepreneurship. More information about the project can be found on the project website https://www.seed-project.net/ , and below you can see some photos from the meeting in Rijeka.

After the completion of the project, the partners will continue to work dedicatedly on empowering young people with appropriate skills for the social economy. All partners agree to work together precisely on this topic, with innovative approaches, and submit a new application to one of the next Erasmus calls.

The SEED project was implemented in the period 2020-2022, with financial support from the European Commission within the Erasmus + program.

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