ARNO means ‘good’. This great word guides us in everything we do and that is why we do good, see good in others and want to be the good in our society.

We know that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. That is why our team is comprised of bright and creative minds with philanthropic hearts, highly experienced in different industries and fields and ready to walk that extra mile. We are passionate about our communities and causes, but we also have the knowledge, networks and flexibility, which are crucial in supporting our passion. We believe that nothing is impossible, you just have to find the right solution.

We at ARNO believe that the actions should speak for themselves. That’s why our initiatives such as the Annual Competition for Green Ideas, Sales of Cooking Classes, Collaboration with Entrepreneurship Teachers, Mentorship for Social Businesses, Incubation of ideas, Workshops for engaging men in home chores and many, many more are living example of this. These projects and social interventions highlight our commitment, readiness, and ability to innovate to respond to social problems.